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Whatever your need we can offer the best advice and practical solutions for your home entertainment requirements.

entertainment systems

High definition Blu-ray DVD players, HD satellite TV systems, DLP Projectors, LCD, LED , Integrated Game Consoles, Wireless digital surround sound, Multi Room Audio and the technology associated with all of the new Home Entertainment Systems.

We can advise, install and supply everything you require to create a Total Smart Home Solution.

aerial & satellite systems repair & installation - IRS

Technical Sound & Sight specialise in the design, installation, service of Antennae, Satellite/Aerial services and integrated reception systems.

IRS offers a fully comprehensive array of Satellite, TV & Radio services to the end user. IRS can best be described as 'everything to everyone’; it offers the full range of TV services UHF, satellite, FM and/or DAB. IRS can be installed in any building from the smallest to the largest, existing or new-build or even across a housing estate. One aerial array and dish per building reducing aesthetic and physical damage to buildings caused by multiple aerial and dish installations and cable runs.

We Offer a Total Solution for all your Multi Room audio, surround sound and home theatre requirements